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KCDS helps to unleash human potentials and enhance people qualities and the competitiveness of the Learners. KCDS, KERALA COUNCIL FOR EDUCATIONAL TECHNICAL & DEVELOPMENT STUDIES registered Under Govt. of India Registration No: IV 228/2016 and acquired the affiliation of National Capital Territory (Govt. of N.C.T), Certified & licensed under the Act of State Govt and NCT Delhi, certified by Department of Labour (Government of NCT), Govt of India, New Dehi. Recognized by Ministry of MSME, Government of India, New Delhi. We are standardized with worldwide accredited agencies which includes QA Certification with JAS ANZ (recognized around the world) BMS Certification with DAC (recognized in middle-east) EURO Certification (recognized in Europe and other Afro-Asian Countries) and ISO 9001:2015 Certification. COUNCIL FOR EDUCATION TECHNICAL & DEVELOPMENT STUDIES (CDS), is an associate organization of KCDS, registered under Charitable Trust 1860-XXI act registration CDS (Kerala Govt Registration No MPM/CA/188/2017), and recognized by Kerala State Youth Welfare board Thiruvananthapuram (Registration No: J 898) Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Government of India (Registration) Our teams of academics are pioneers in their fields. As a student at KCDS, you will engage and interact with the most excellent team of faculties and get a chance to work on the latest developments in your chosen area of study.


To promise and provide outstanding education and improve the life chances of all the children and young people who are living in the world of competition.
KCDS ensures our students that they will be able to face strong challenge of present career scenario and can pass through its guts and thorns.
Providing quality education for backward community students, that would assist them to compete with others.


The vision of KCDS is to assist the talented young people who are struggling to fulfill their dream of learning and become self-sufficient in their future life. KCDS, an autonomous firm, will be a platform for providing quality education according to new trends and demands of world.


KCDS intends to establish a wide range of educational output throughout the country, KCDS alone cannot do it. Group of institutions with excellent track record would be the part of it. Hence we wish to provide franchisees throughout the country. Interested institution/college may apply for the same and become a proud entrepreneur of building the future Indian skilled employees for the world. Feel free to contact us for further enquiries.


KCDS India inviting franchisee application to un represented areas


KCDS launching new diploma course in air craft maintenance. For admission submit your application on online .

KCDS Exam Fees 2023 Dates

KCDS Exam Fees 2023 Dates Particular Exam Fee For Theory Rs 370 per subject For Practical Rs 370 per subject Online Processing fees Rs 50 per student

Final Examination Fee Last Date :25/01/2024

Notification:01/2024 In continuation to the notification No. 543 dated January. 2023 regarding submission of exam fee public examination of KCDS Course April/May 2024, the schedule for registration and fee collection all registered learners of June 2023 examination is as under.

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